The LUTRONIC INFINI is the ideal solution to create targeted coagulation zones in aging, sagging skin with wrinkles. Complete control over treatment depth and energy levels enables a multi-layered approach for truly customized treatments, regardless of skin type or tan. Now you can provide the best solution for results your patients demand year round.

  • • Expand your patient base; Safely treat all skin types, including tanned skin
  • • Quick and easy recovery with little downtime.
  • • Clinically proven; thousands of procedures performed worldwide
  • • Easy to use, fast procedure that can be delegated
  • • Patented Comfort Flow needling technology maximizes patient comfort

INFINI indications

• acne scarring

• superior skin quality

• tone and texture improvemen

• fine lines and wrinkle

• improvement in laxity

• off face applications (body applications such as stretch marks and other applications under evaluation)


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LUTRONIC's Dual-pulsed Q-switched Nd: YAG SPECTRA laser has been engineered to meet the growing demands of a busy clinic, and includes a variety of efficacious treatment options, customizable parameters, built-in safety and minimized downtimes.


  • • Widest application range including tattoo removal, pigment (FDA cleared for melasma) skin rejuvenation and more
  • • Superior tattoo removal on all colors and skin types
  • • Best-in-class features for improved outcomes, including:
    •    • 4 wavelengths; 1064, 532, 585 and 650 nm
    •    • Optimal power; combination of high peak power, short 5 ns pulse width and top hat beam profile
    •    • Easy to use with intuitive GUI
    •    • Robust device maximizes up-time

The versatility you need, the outcomes your patients want; all in a single device that will quickly pay for itself.


Spectra indications include:

• Tattoo (inc. colored)

• Melasma


• Skin Rejuvenation

• Active Acne*

• Post Acne Erythema

• Nevus of Ota

• Lenitgo, Freckles

• Seborrheic Keratosis

• Large Pores**

• Others

(*Note: No FDA clearance for active acne/inflammatory acne, **Note: No FDA clearance for large pores)


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Lutronic's eCO2 is the premier fractional ablative laser that delivers the full spectrum of resurfacing treatments to your busy practice. You will appreciate how easy to use and reliable the system is while your patients rave about their outcomes.


  • • 3 on-the-fly interchangeable spot sizes (120, 300 & 1000 μm)
  • • Unparalleled treatment options with deep to shallow ablation
  • • Perform super light fractional to conventional full face resurfacing procedures
  • • Improves comfort and reduces thermal damage with Controlled Chaos TechnologyTM (CCTTM)
  • • Delivers a more natural outcome with static and dynamic scan options
  • • Easy to use, versatile, reliable & affordable system
  • • Versatile system with range of treatment options

The multifunctional eCO2 system from Lutronic is intuitive, effective and best of all affordable.


eCO2 major indications:

• Skin Resurfacing

• Wrinkles

• Rhytids

• Fine Lines and Furrows

• Dyschromia

• Mottled Tone & Lentigines

• Textural Irregularities

• Various Scars

• Transepidermal Drug Delivery

• Solar/Actinic Elastosis

• Squamous & Basal Cell Carcinoma


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