Sarah Haydel, M.D., Haydel Dermatology

I have been working personally with David Carraway for several years. I have purchased several lasers with his recommendation including the Sciton Profile, Sciton BBL-S, and most recently Exilis. His expertise and knowledge in the laser business is incredible. I have had such amazing success with the current equipment, and I am very grateful to him for helping me make smart, efficient business purchases. It is hard to find someone you trust when you are dealing with a sales representative, but David is much more than just a sales rep... His is a true friend and will go the extra mile for you after the sale. He and I exchange emails and cell phone calls at all hours of the day, and he is ready to help at any time needed.

At this point in my career, I would purchase something that I didn't even do a demo on if David called me and told me it was the "next hottest thing." I truly value his opinion and he has been a wonderful resource to me. I feel lucky to have met him so early on in my career, and I would recommend any physician getting to work with him and take advantage of his laser knowledge.

I do not have a laser graveyard in my practice like some friends I know because I have purchased the right equipment at the right time. Running a cosmetic dermatology practice has been a challenge, but with the best technology out there, and the best people at your fingertips, it truly is a pleasure to go to work everyday.